Coaching proves to be a major component of Effective Leadership Program for Louisiana's rising leaders. Nearly all LaELP Fellows find coaching to be a highly valued and critical part of their Fellowship experience. At the beginning of the Fellowship year - at the Opening Retreat - each Fellow will be assigned a personal Coach. Over the following 12 months it is a Program expectation that Fellows will use the relationships that develop between her/him and his/her Coach as a primary support for personal and professional development as a leader seeking to base practice on transformational public values.

Some of the behaviors that participants will be encouraged to develop include:

  • taking action to serve the greater public good;
  • sharing power with those not in official positions of power and understanding that leadership itself is a shared function;
  • communicating to empower people, developing policy alternatives with people affected;
  • grounding policy decisions in transparent and authentic democratic, constitutional, moral and ethical principles; and
  • developing personal renewal strategies and support networks that strengthen resolve and capacity to be a "servant leader" on behalf of the commonwealth.

Please see on Coaching & Mentoring Handbook (pdf) for further information